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Superiority in design and construction is always at the heart of everything we do at Arris Fort, and that shows in our soundproof, fireproof and bulletproof safe rooms (also known as panic rooms) that can be integrated seamlessly and invisibly into any family home.

We will design a bespoke room, or convert your bathroom, bedroom or home office into a safe room, offering an impenetrable safe haven inside your home, to insulate you and your family from harm should the need arise.

The design of both the inside and outside of the panic room can be matched to your home or office, ensuring that it is both stylish and comfortable, should you ever need to use it. All of our designs can be custom made to fit any space, including heritage and listed buildings.  

safe rooms
Safe Room High Security Doors

Safe Rooms Designed to Protect


Here at Arris Fort Security, we are experts at planning, assembling and installing state of the art security systems. We have introduced additional layers of security to provide safety solutions in case of emergencies.

Our experts realise the thriving demand for superior security systems, and utilise their skills and experience to design, construct and install our products, giving priority to our customers personal requirements of safety and security during the planning and construction of all our security room. This provides you with an ultra-safe location within your property, in case of a sudden intrusion or break-in.


Premium Quality Materials


We employ vigorous, reliable, premium quality materials for the design of our rooms in order to make them as secure as possible. Using modern technology with the experience of our professionals, we are able to build safe rooms that offer high degrees of preservation.

Our safe rooms are highly secure, and are virtually indestructible. Established with a high resistance heavy door for entrance, once locked it is almost impossible for an intruder to break into one of our safe rooms.

With the mounting popularity of safe rooms, they have now become an essential component of many peoples homes and commercial properties. We provide complete assistance regarding the construction and installation of highly secure rooms. They serve as the most secure locations inside your properties and invaluable in emergencies.

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